📈 Options Trading for Income Alert Service + Archived Trades Library 📚

A great way to learn the art and skill of trading options for income!

The Options Trading for Income - Alert Service is a very unique and educational alert service where I share my trades in SPX, RUT, SPY, QQQ and other ETF's and stock as I make them, including the opening, subsequent adjustments and ultimate closing of Butterfly, Calendar, Condor, Vertical, Diagonal and many other trades that can last from 3-5 days to 50-60 days.  But the REALLY UNIQUE PART is that each alert will consist of a brief video explanation of the trade and often brief discussions of alternative trades in case you have a different market sentiment. 

I have been a part of many, many alert services that would send you a trade that might look something like "Buy1 Jan 20 BWB 3900P/4000P/4100P" and really not much more.  While I know how to read what that means and how to put that trade on, I have NO concept as to WHY I am putting on that specific trade as opposed to something, so I was not developing the analytical mindset of a trader, I was simply doing "Order Entry".

My goals is for each subscriber to actually see the thought process of analyzing the market, developing a trade idea, opening the trade, and then adjusting and managing the trade to completion and I share all of this in each trade alert video. In addition, I do a review of the markets each weekend where I review trades that were closed, adjusted or opened the last week and what I might look at in the week ahead.

These alerts build directly off of the various class teachings such as the Deep Dive Butterfly and Deep Dive Calendar and Diagonals classes.  In addition to the trade alerts, subscribers have direct access to the forum where they can ask questions of me as well as other traders that are part of the same service.


I want you to become so proficient at thinking like a trader and evaluating risk reward and making good trades that you can leave this paid forum and go out on your own - you are in the right place!

What you'll get:

  • Ongoing Index, ETF and Stock Options Trade Alerts
  • 3-5 active open trades at a time
  • Trades are usually slower moving, only requiring check in during the last 60-90 minutes of the market
  • Community of like minded traders
  • Direct access to a Professional Trader
  • Weekly Trade and Market Overview
  • Bonus Earnings Trades from time to time (these often need to addressed in a more timely manner that the normal trades I have on)
  • Access to an extensive library of archived trade records complete with their trade by trade videos to learn from

Please read this disclosure PRIOR to any purchase: Full Disclosure


If you have ANY QUESTIONS I can help with - please reach out to me here: https://www.sjgtrades.com/contact

What People Are Saying:

I have been a student for just a week, but I did not see such transparency before. There are just a few traders that will show P/L and their trades. I really appreciate it and it will build confidence in the trading. Even in the first week, I made some profits. I like that the risk per trade is small. Trade management is great, I learned how to scale down the positions. The ROKU trade was a great example. I would highly recommend SJG Trades to anyone looking for an open and honest trading coach.

Alexey ★★★★★

The index service Group is great and the butterfly course was a really good start for me and I now better understand about why you put on the different type of flies

Lasse ★★★★★

After following your way of trading for 3 months, I have to say that the lessons learned from watching your trading style have improved my thought processes when it comes to trading options. SJG is a great service for teaching the Trader to develop their own style within various and ever changing market environments. Your responsiveness to questions posed by members is outstanding. Thanks!

Lindsey Gifford ★★★★★

$79.00 USD

Every month

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Most trades shared in this service will be variations of Butterfly trades and I will often refer to the teachings from the "Deep Dive Butterfly Class" and while this class is not required, if you are newer to butterfly trading and/or want to be sure to fully understand the trades and adjustments we are making - you should seriously consider adding these class to your purchase as it will "Super Charge" your understanding of what we are doing and why!