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As you are taking the Options Trading for Beginners course, most traders find it VERY beneficial to also see how these trades are being put on by a professional trader in the LIVE markets. 

The Options Trading for Income - Alert Service is a very unique and educational alert service where I share my trades in SPX, RUT, SPY, QQQ and other ETF's and stock as I make them, including the opening, subsequent adjustments and ultimate closing of Butterfly, Calendar, Condor, Vertical, Diagonal and many other trades that can last from 3-5 days to 50-60 days.  But the REALLY UNIQUE PART is that each alert will consist of a brief video explanation of the trade and often brief discussions of alternative trades in case you have a different market sentiment.

Adding the "Options Trading for Income Alert Service" is the perfect add on.

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šŸ“ˆ Options Trading for Beginners šŸŽ‰

I LOVE our stock and options markets and I LOVE showing newer traders how to explore all of their possibilities!

Options Trading: Unlock Hidden Profits

Tired of watching stocks move sideways? Options trading can help you:

    • Boost your returns: Generate income and amplify your profits, regardless of market direction.
    • Protect your portfolio: Hedge your stock holdings and mitigate potential losses.
    • Control your risk: Define your maximum potential loss upfront.
    • Increase your flexibility: Access a variety of strategies and profit from different market conditions.
    • Maximize capital efficiency: Leverage your capital to achieve significant gains.
    • Demystify the jargon: Master foundational concepts, options terminology, and the Greeks to understand how options behave and make informed decisions.

Learn the ropes with my comprehensive beginner's class:

    • Unravel the basics: Understand key options strategies like verticals, condors, butterflies, covered calls, and cash-secured puts.
    • Develop a solid trading strategy: Learn how to identify trading opportunities, analyze risk/reward, and manage your portfolio effectively.
    • Gain practical experience: Apply your knowledge through real-world examples and simulations.
    • Get ongoing support: Access community resources and expert guidance to build confidence as you trade. 

Start your options trading journey today and unlock a world of financial possibilities!


What People Are Saying:

After taking courses with other providers, I realized I didn't fully understand some trades and adjustments, especially when things went wrong. So I took Steve's course to fill in the gaps. Steve's teaching style is relaxed yet thorough, making sure...

Luis M

"What a great course, (Options for beginners) Iā€™m restarting from the beginning, Iā€™m sure I will pick up a lot I missed the first time around."

Glenn L